At The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center, we believe the best way to keep the arts in your life is by creating art throughout your life. Our educational programs allow visitors and students to broaden their understanding and appreciation of art by interacting with art, artists, and instructors, while expressing themselves through the creation of their own artwork.

The Arts Center offers approximately 20 classes in various media for adults and children throughout the year on a quarterly basis. These include drawing, watercolor, painting, photography, yoga and other media. Both one day workshops and multi-week class sessions are available. During the summer, the center offers week long programs for children in a diverse range of mediums.

Fall Classes

Painting In Oils, Acrylics Or Watercolor

High School and Adults

Session A: Tuesdays, 1:00-3:30 pm
September 8 - December 1
No class October 13

Session B: Thursdays, 6:30-9:00 pm
September 10 - December 17
No class October 5 or December 10

Session C: Saturdays, 10:00 am-12:30 pm
September 5 - December 5

Students with any level of experience from beginning to more advanced, may work with oils, acrylics or watercolor, and explore their own style and subject matter. Beginning students will learn fundamental materials and techniques; while more experienced students will be challenged to reach another level. The class will feature lecture, demonstration, individual instruction, and critiques.


12 Classes, Class Limit: 12, $185 (HAL members $180)

14 Classes, Class Limit: 12, $215 (HAL members $210)

Yoga In The Galleries

Ages 18+

Session A: Monday Evenings, 6:00-7:00 pm
September 14 - November 30
No class October 12 or November 9

Session B: Wednesday Evenings, 6:30-7:30 pm
September 16 - December 2
No class October 14 or November 11

Enjoy learning about and practicing Yoga surrounded by art in our galleries. Students will enjoy a relaxing session of breath work and meditative motion. No experience in yoga is required and students of all levels will be comfortable, as the poses are adaptable to provide the desired intensity. Please provide your own mat and comfortable clothing.

Instructor: JANET ABEL

10 Classes, Class Limit 12, $100 (HAL members $95)

Figure drawing 2.jpgFigure Drawing Workshop- Where To Begin


Monday 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Session C: November 2
Session D: November 30

This 2 1/2 hour workshop is designed as a preparatory class for students who are interested in the Wednesday night "Figure Drawing" session but have little or no experience drawing from a live model. The focus of the workshop will be on the basic skills needed to successfully draw from life, including: etiquette, setting up, correct placement, proportions, gesture, line of action, measuring techniques, capturing the essence, and working from general shapes to specific details.

Materials List:
Your choice of drawing implement (pencil, charcoal, paint, etc.)
Your choice of drawing surface (paper, canvas, etc.), Eraser

Instructor: MARY LEE RUFF

One class, Class limit: 12, $20 per class (HAL Members $15)

Beginning Drawing

Ages 18+

Wednesdays, 1:00-3:30 pm
September 16 - December 9
No Class on November 11 and 25

This class is for beginners only! For the students who say ‘I have no talent’, ‘I can’t draw a straight line’.

Focus will be on becoming familiar with the tools of drawing and how to use them, how to begin a drawing, and basic drawing techniques including line work and shading. This will be a slow-paced, fun approach to the amazing world of drawing.

Instructor: MARY LEE RUFF

11 Classes, Class Limit: 12, $205 (HAL members $200)

Watercolor Painting

Ages 18+

Wednesdays, 10:00 am-12:30 pm
September 16 - December 9
No Class November 11

Beginning students will learn about the fundamental materials and techniques of watercolor, while the more experienced students will progress to a new level with individual instruction. The focus of the class will be on   materials, techniques, design, subject matter and personal expression. Students may work from their own original photographs, still life set ups, drawings or imagination.

Instructor: BETTY ANGLIN

12 Classes, Class Limit: 12, $185 (HAL Members $180)


Ages 18+

Session A: Thursdays, 1:00-3:30 pm
Session B: Thursdays, 6:30-9:00 pm
September 17 - December 10
No Class on November 26

This class is designed for the more experienced student with some background in drawing or painting. The focus of the lectures will be on drawing the hand. Exercises will be given to enhance the student’s ability to draw hands. Time will also be allotted for critiques and work on projects of the student’s personal choice.

Instructor: MARY LEE RUFF

12 Classes, Class Limit: 12, $220 (HAL members $215)

Drawing For Beginning, Intermediate And Advanced

Ages 18+

Saturdays, 11:00 am-3:00 pm
September 26 - December 5
No Class November 28

The class is for beginning to advanced students to develop skills in graphite and Prismacolor pencil, Speedball pen and ink, Crayola crayon or inked scratchboard. Emphasis on subject, depth and the principles of design will be discussed and application demonstrated. Class will include lectures, demonstrations, and critiques. Syllabus and material list will be given at the first class.


10 Classes, Class Limit: 12, $155 (HAL members $150)

FallClasses_Calligraphy.jpgItalic Calligraphy

Ages 18+

Thursdays, 1:30-3:30 pm
October 15 - November 19

Calligraphy stands for beautiful writing. Students will get a brief history of calligraphy, learn about the various pens, tools, and materials and learn and practice broad edged pen Italic lettering.


6 Classes, Class Limit: 12, $85 ($80 HAL members)

Intermediate Photography

Ages 18+

Wednesdays, 6:30-9:00 pm
October 21 & 28

This class is for those who want to move beyond the automatic or “Easy Button” on their digital camera. The class will explore seven steps that will help move the auto button shooter to the next photography level. Topics include understanding the exposure triangle, the advantages of shooting in RAW and how a tripod can improve your photography. There is an optional shooting assignment where photos will receive a “gentle critique” in session two.

Instructor: GARY HESS

2 Classes, Class Limit: 12, $40 (HAL members $35)

Fall Classes_Adult Painting Class.jpgFigure Drawing Or Painting


Wednesday 6:30-9:00 pm
Session C: November 4
Session D: December 2

The human form is the most imperfect, dynamic, and widely interpreted subject of artists, making it the perfect platform for self-expression. Polish your powers of observation, channel your perceptions, and enhance your painting skills. Students will work independently without instruction using the drawing or painting media of their choice. The students will choose one long pose for the session.

No Instructor

Class Limit: 12, $20 (HAL member $15) per class

FallClasses_ BarbaraHennig-LoomisSilverpointDrawing.jpgIntroduction To Silverpoint Drawing

Ages 18+

Saturday, 1:30-4:30 pm
November 7

Silverpoint is a unique drawing medium dating back to medieval times. By drawing a metal stylus across a prepared surface, it leaves a reflective, luminous trace which evolves and deepens as it oxidizes. This introduction to the history, methods and materials of the ancient art of silverpoint, students will have the opportunity to explore the elusive properties and possibilities of drawing with metal. All materials included.


Class Limit: 12, $90 (HAL Members $85)