Hampton Coliseum/Hampton Arts Commission

Formed in 2012, this City department manages the day-to-day operation of Hampton Coliseum and Hampton Arts (The American Theatre and The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center).


Terri Vander Vennet, Interim Director

Kevin Spence, Assistant Director (Operations and Events)

Richard Parison, Artistic Director

James Warwick Jones, Gallery Manager

Bessie Crotts, Box Office Manager

Kiara Warren, Marketing Manager

David Glover, Changeover and Housekeeping Manager

Matthew Shufflebarger, Food and Beverage Manager

Hampton Commission on the Arts

Established in December 1987, this Hampton City Council appointed 13-member citizens board acts in an advisory capacity to the Council to promote further development and awareness of artistic and cultural programs in the City and to provide a coordinated method of City support of cultural organizations and programs. This body works closely with the City department known as Hampton Coliseum/Hampton Arts Commission, which manages the day-to-day operation of Hampton Coliseum, The American Theatre and The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center.


Nancy Eason, Chair James Dees
David Allison Laura Fitzpatrick
Derek A. Brooks Joshua Head
Lynda Burke Jackie Merritt
Thomas Cagley Gail Rehmert
The Honorable Linda Curtis Charles W. Winslow II

Hampton Arts Foundation

The Hampton Arts Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization created in 1994 as the non-profit arm to support Hampton Arts. The Foundation has completed two successful capital campaigns in the past ten years to renovate, rebuild and expand the Theatre and upgrade the galleries.

Board Members

Duncan Garnett, President Vice Mayor Linda Curtis
Steven Hussell, Vice President Letia Drewry
Sheryl Crawley, Secretary Nancy Eason
Hansford Post, Treasurer Sara "Sallie" Marchello
Nancy Adams Jim Thompson
Ann Marie Batten Senator Frank Wagner

The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center Board of Trustees

In 1987, the Charles H. Taylor Memorial Library closed when the City of Hampton built the expanded Hampton Public Library right next door. After careful renovation and adaptation and adhering to the guidelines set forth in Mrs. Armstrong’s bequest, the historic building re-opened in January 1989 as The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center. The estate of Mrs. Armstrong owns the building and leases it to the City of Hampton which manages the day-to-day operations through the department of Hampton Coliseum/Hampton Arts Commission.


Debbie Scott, President The Honorable Douglas E. Miller
Richard M. Bagley, Jr. Dr. Linda Schifflette
Sheryl Crawley The Honorable Christopher W. Hutton