At The Charles H. Taylor Visual Arts Center, we believe the best way to keep the arts in your life is by creating art throughout your life. Our educational programs allow visitors and students to broaden their understanding and appreciation of art by interacting with art, artists, and instructors, while expressing themselves through the creation of their own artwork.

The Arts Center has approximately 20 classes in various media throughout the year on a quarterly basis. These include drawing, watercolor, painting, photography, and other media. Both one day workshops and multi-week class sessions are offered. Our award winning artist instructors exhibit widely throughout Hampton Roads and have 10 to 40 years of teaching experience.

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Winter 2020 Classes

DRAWING - Focus will be on becoming familiar with the tools of drawing and how to use them, how to create a drawing, and basic to advanced drawing techniques including line work and shading.

Beginning Drawing: Tuesdays, Jan 14 – Mar 3, 1-3:30pm 

Drawing: Wednesdays, Jan 15 – Mar 4, 1-3:30pm

Drawing: Thursdays, Jan 16 - Mar 5, 1-3:30pm

WATERCOLOR - Focus will be on the fundamentals of watercolor technique, materials and personal expression in painting. Students will discover the use of shape, line, value, color, and texture to create good composition. Students will also explore painting styles and influences leading to the development of watercolor as a modern American art form.

Watercolor Painting with Pam: Wednesdays, Jan 15 - Mar 4, 10am-12:30pm

Watercolor Painting with Holly: Thursdays, Jan 16 - Mar 5, 10am-12:30pm

Watercolor Painting with Holly: Fridays, Jan 17 - Mar 6, 10am-12:30pm

Beginning Watercolor Painting with Pam: Fridays, Jan 17 - Mar 6, 10am-12:30pm

PAINTING IN OILS OR ACRYLICS - Students with any level of experience may work with oils or acrylics to explore their own style and original subject matter. Students will learn fundamental materials and skill-appropriate techniques. The class will feature lecture, demonstration, individual instruction, and critiques.

Painting in Oils or Acrylics: Tuesdays, Jan 14 - Mar 3, 1-3:30pm

Painting in Oils or Acrylics: Thursdays, Jan 16 - Mar 5, 1-3:30pm

Painting in Oils or Acrylics: Saturdays, Jan 18 - Mar 7, 10:30am-1pm

OIL & COLD WAX WORKSHOPS: Part I & Part II - Combining cold wax and oil paint creates fascinating possibilities. The mixture dries much faster and allows for the use of other mediums in the creative process. An intriguing and fun process, be prepared to get hooked!


Part I – Oil & Cold Wax on Paper: Saturday, Feb 8, 10am-3pm


In Part I Eloise will introduce participants to this versatile and fascinating medium and how to use it on special papers that work well with oil paint. Students will use oil paint, oil sticks, charcoal, solvents, be introduced to many tools and more. 


Part II – Oil & Cold Wax on Cradled Board: Sunday, Feb 9, 10am-3pm


In Part II, participants who have taken Part I (or another oil and cold wax class) will expand on their previous voyage by working on gessoed, cradled boards. The differences between paper and board will be explored. Two are provided, but others may be prepared ahead of time by participants and brought with them.

PASTELS AND PASTEL PORTRAITS Fridays, Jan 17 - Mar 6, 1-3:30pm

This class is designed for students with some background in drawing or painting. Students will learn about the fundamental materials and a variety of techniques for working in pastel. The focus of the class will be on materials, techniques, design, subject matter and personal expression. Students may work from their own original photographs, still life set ups, drawings, or their imagination. Or they may choose to work along with the instructor using the same reference photos and composition. The class will feature lectures, demonstrations, individual instruction and critiques.

DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY: THE BASICS AND BEYOND Thursdays, Feb 6 - Feb 13, 6:30-9pm

Are you ready to take your camera off the Auto Button and learn to make better photographs?  If so, this class is for you. The two sessions will cover an introduction to digital photography, tips for using your camera properly, and show you how to use compositional techniques for more appealing photos. There will be an optional shooting assignment between classes one and two.  In the second class, students will get an introduction to Adobe Lightroom for post-process of their digital images.  Please bring a digital camera to each class.