Rich Lowry Explains "Nationalism"

Thu, Nov 14 , 2019, 8:00pm

Conversations With... Rich Lowry

  • Thu, Nov 14 , 2019, 8:00pm
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Thu, Nov 14 , 2019, 8:00pm

Conversations With... Rich Lowry

Are you ready to have your political beliefs challenged? National Review editor Rich Lowry is the man to do it. With humor and extensive knowledge, Lowry offers a vigorous enthusiasm for the precepts of American democracy, advocating for the tenants of conservatism with a new perspective, and serving as a voice of the younger conservative generation.

Regardless of where you may fall on the political spectrum, Lowry can deliver a skillful debate. Credible yet provocative, the nationally recognized expert’s commentary is sought after by a broad range of leading media platforms. A University of Virginia graduate, Lowry contributes to FOX News and has written for the New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and a variety of other publications. Plugged-in to the latest national political events and trends, Lowry promises to deliver an unapologetically opinionated take on the challenges facing our country.

MODERATED BY: John Quarstein

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Thursday, Nov 14, 2019 • 8:00pm