Artists Who Teach 2019 Exhibition

Artists Who Teach Exhibition 2019

Apr 17, 2019

Artists Who Teach Exhibition 2019

Artists currently teaching art in the peninsula and southside colleges and universities as well as their public, private, and parochial schools are traditionally featured in this annual competition.

Judge’s Statement

John Lee - Lay and Bay.jpgThe Artists Who Teach Exhibition hosted by The Charles Taylor Visual Arts Center is a wonderful way of honoring those in our community who are art educators. What makes this show special is its inclusive nature of teachers of all levels of art education. This show gives artist-teachers an opportunity to publicly showcase their knowledge and interests while encompassing a wide variety of media. No doubt participants in this show had special relationships and influences with their own art teacher on their road to becoming professionals. Those who came before, helped each of us to cultivate the love we now possess for making art. As in any field, artists who teach and pass on their own knowledge of technique and process to students, is an honored and integral part of any community.

Ryan Muldowney - Stieglitz.pngJudging works of art is a subjective and intuitive process. Certain works can forcefully speak in an emotional or intellectual way, depending on your own particular interests and life experiences. We each have biases and personal preferences–we use these as our primary evaluative tools. As artists we quite often are attracted to imagery that match our preferences. As this years Artists Who Teach judge I tried to be expansive in my selections but found my love of all things in the natural world influencing many of my selections. Other selections were made by that forceful nature of particular pieces included in this show.

Congratulations and thank you to all participants of this show, to those recognized, well done. I would conclude, education equals enlightenment, and as educators, I hold you all in highest esteem.

Holland Etheridge _Hellen Darion at 101.jpgAbout the Judge

Janice Gay Maker was born and educated in Boston, Janice received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in 1982. She has painted full-time and maintained a studio in downtown Norfolk since 1991. She has exhibited extensively throughout the area, creating contemporary landscapes and oil pastels that are infused with light, rich in color, texture & energy.


David J. Levinson Best in Show Award Ryan Muldowney Stieglitz Oil on panel
First Place John A. Lee Lay & Bay Oil on linen
Second Place Phil Guilfoyle Wood Fired Vase Anagama fired stoneware
Third Place Dianne deBeixedon A Necessary Creature Sterling silver
Award of Merit Eloise Shelton Mayo Inside Outside Inside Oil and cold wax
Award of Merit Jimi Whiteside Stormy Weather Acrylic
Award of Merit Chloe Crist When the Light Pours In Oil on canvas
Award of Merit Janice Hathaway Cheshire Moon Photo collage
Award of Merit Kenneth Fitzgerald Thrift Impression Mixed media
Honorable Mention Rick Nickel Springtime Ceramics
Honorable Mention Mary Lee Ruff Spirits Manifested Graphite pencil
Honorable Mention Karen Woodward Kimmie's Flowers Alcohol ink and pen
Honorable Mention James Warwick Jones Wren Staircase Acrylic
Honorable Mention Christin Brahe Garden In Summer Watercolor

Join us for creative Arts Happenings centered around the Artists Who Teach Exhibition!

Gallery Talk & Poetry Inspired by Art

Saturday, April 27 at 2:30pm

Meet the artists featured in the exhibition and learn more about the artworks on display. Poets are invited to write poems inspired by the artworks in the exhibition and participate in a poetry reading. The poems are displayed adjacent to the artworks, with the permission of the artist and are also available in notebooks for perusal by our visitors.

The exhibition is on display at The Charles Taylor Visual Arts Center through April 27.