Conversations With... Donna Brazile

Conversations With... Donna Brazile

Sep 10, 2019

Conversations With... Donna Brazile

The New Orleans Saints fan has decades of local, regional, and national politics under her belt. Although much of her career is attributed to her work with the Democratic National Committee, as well as her historic turn as the first African-American female to lead a national presidential campaign, she has offered her political commentary (outside of the office) using influential mediums.


sdihd3_132023072128350000-e1560868347755.jpgBrazile made a splash in March 2019 when she announced that she would be a contributor on Fox News, a predominately right-wing cable news outlet. She says she is glad for an opportunity to balance the heavily-debated opinions and that it is "important to be civil." With the upcoming 2020 election, there is more to be discussed about potential candidates, especially in relation to the current presidential policies taking place.

Her regular commentary on CNN stopped in 2016 when, as a non-biased journalist, she gave an advantage to a democratic presidential candidate for a good-wife.jpgnationally-televised debate. Though she looks back at her time with CNN fondly, the dissemination of the relationship took a toll.

In addition to her real-life appearances on talk shows, Brazile has played herself in politically-minded dramas including The Good Wife (left) and House of Cards.



Donna+Brazile+2019+ESSENCE+Festival+Presented+TB3ic4naoVGl.jpgBrazile joins other political pundits on frequent speaking tours throughout the nation. Her latest stop at Essence Fest allowed her to speak about her entrepreneurial experience using a minority worldview. Her journey to "getting a seat at the table" inspires countless others who wish to start their career in politics.


Brazile broke out into the publishing world in 2004 with her debut memoir, "Cooking with Grease: Stirring the Pots in American Politics." It recounts her childhood in New Orleans, her witness to the events surrounding Martin Luther King, Jr.'s assassination, and her impressive political career.

Years later she claimed the title of New York Times Bestselling Author for "Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House." Published in 2017 by Hachette Book Group, the Washington Post called the non-fiction work “explosive.”

In 2018, she followed up her success with "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Politics," coauthored with Yolanda Caraway, Leah Daughtry, Minyon Moore, and Veronica Chambers. Hillary Clinton called it, “a wonderful, necessary book.”

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