Katherine Meyerhoff of Saudé Creek Vineyards

Katherine Meyerhoff of Saudé Creek Vineyards

Oct 14, 2020

Katherine Meyerhoff of Saudé Creek Vineyards

Saude Creek Outside.jpgIn anticipation of our upcoming HeART of Hampton episode, Katherine Meyerhoff of Saudé Creek Vineyards stopped by for a quick chat:


Saude Creek Table.jpgWhat makes Saudé Creek different and special? How do you stand out from other wineries?

One of the things is the atmosphere. We are on top of the highest point in New Kent. You can see the Pamunkey River, we have outdoor seating with fire pits, and a loft with a balcony. Every season is enjoyable, especially Fall right now with the colors changing. We have live music on the weekends, it’s just a fun place to hang out.

I can’t forget to mention a huge asset to your team – Mr. Saudé. How did he become involved?

Mr. Saudé is our black cat. We have been open for 9 years and he showed up 8 years ago in a storm when he was a little baby kitten. We took him in immediately and he has been with us ever since. He is a social media hit. Before people buy bottles they ask to see him first. He’s a big guy now because people love to feed him.

What is coming up for Saudé Creek that you are excited about?

We have a new wine coming out called Valor on November 14th. It’s a bold red. We are donating a portion of proceeds to Semper k9 which is an organization up in DC that gets dogs for veterans. Our owner Jason is a veteran. We are debuting this with the military, and we are getting a military band as well as veteran-owned businesses like a veteran coffee vendor. Bringing awareness to vendor businesses is the focus outside of the wine. The wine is really good! Also, our annual Halloween spectacular on October 30th, which will be different because of COVID-19. We will have a live band, and games but will be limited with our hayride and cellar haunted house.

Saude Creek Pamunkey Fall.pngWhat 3 adjectives would you use to describe your wine?

My favorite is Saudé Creek Red. It is fruity, easy to drink, and light.

What wine would you suggest people serve with a traditional Thanksgiving dinner?

I would pick our Pamunkey Fall which is a light white blend. It’s a chardonnay blend, perfect with turkey. Crisp and fruity, and finishes with a buttery hint.

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Images sourced from Saudé Creek Vineyards.