Meet Meagan Pugh of SummerWind Vineyard

Meet Meagan Pugh of Summerwind Vineyard

Oct 12, 2020

Meet Meagan Pugh of Summerwind Vineyard

Summerwind vineyard 2.jpgIn anticipation of our upcoming HeART of Hampton episode, Meagan Pugh of SummerWind Vineyard stopped by for a quick chat:


Is it true that you have a Christmas tree farm on the grounds of SummerWind Vineyard? How did that come to be?

It is true! When we first moved here, we planted a number of white pines on the property. We start selling the weekend of Thanksgiving-- I make fresh wreaths as well. It’s a small farm-- a family adventure!

Summerwind vineyard 3.jpgTell me about Voce e Vino? Details please!

We did that last week. The VA Opera reached out to us, they are doing a series and came out with four or five singers and they sang some standards for about an hour on our new patio stage. It was a nice outdoor setting. People drank wine and social distanced. It was a cool way to promote our new patio!

What advice would you give to a young person who wants to embark on a career in the wine industry?

Be prepared to work in the field. Learn as much as you can about grapes, good wine starts in the field. A lot of people just want to make wine but there is a lot more to it. Have a good background and support system. My family is a huge part of our success.

Summerwind vineyard.jpgWhat 3 adjectives would you use to describe your wine?

Our Tormentor’s Red, a Bordeaux style wine. It was our one year anniversary wine, bold, smooth and rich. It’s a blend.

What wine would you suggest people serve during Football games to go with all the snacks?

I think that it should be our Petite Manseng, it’s a dry citrusy style white. A lot of men that say they don’t like wine very much seem to like our Manseng. A lot of IPA lovers like Manseng.

Tune in to Episode 19 of The HeART of Hampton this Thursday, October 15 at 7pm. Watch live on Facebook!

Images sourced from SummerWind Vineyards Facebook page.