Supporting the Creative Economy

Supporting the Creative Economy

Mar 11, 2019

Supporting the Creative Economy

In Isaac Kaplan's Artsy article entitled "Arts Sector Contributed $763.6 Billion to U.S. Economy—More Than Agriculture or Transportation, New Data Shows," he writes about the significant effect the arts and entertainment industry contributes to the national economy. 

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With the potential economic value, it's disheartening to know that funding for the arts, specifically for organizations such as the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) which helps provide financial assistance to organizations like Hampton Arts, is facing severe cuts by the president's administration.

“The data confirm that the arts play a meaningful role in our daily lives, including through the jobs we have, the products we purchase, and the experiences we share,” said NEA chairman Jane Chu in a statement.

Virginia Statistics - Arts Economies 

  • $16.8B

    Value added to state’s economy by the arts

  • 3.5%

    Arts’ value-added as a share of state’s economy

  • $8.0B

    Arts worker compensation

  • 120,955

    Arts employment

Performing Arts Venues like The American Theatre 

Performing Arts Stats.PNG

(*National statistics as of 2015)

Museums & Art Centers like The Charles Taylor Visual Arts Center

Visual Arts Stats.PNG

(*National statistics as of 2015)

Please consider donating funds directly to Hampton Arts so that we may create the cultural impact that Coastal Virginia needs: