In partnership with Hampton Public Libraries, Hampton Arts is excited to announce Adaptation:  A Book to Film Society, where participants (ages 15+) explore how stories are adapted from page to screen.


Participants will read chosen books on their own (hard-copies and digital access available through reservation at Hampton Public Libraries; or you may read your own copy). After reading the book, participants will join a virtual watch party via Zoom followed by a group discussion.


Discussion topics include:

  • the art of how some great books are adapted into even greater films
  • why some best-sellers fail in their film adaptation
  • discovering how stories come to life in new ways through:
    • the words of authors and screenwriters
    • a director’s vision
    • an actor’s interpretation
    • our own imaginations and perception


Our first book/film will be William Goldman’s “The Princess Bride.” Register by October 5 for the October 26 film watch party!


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Society will temporarily meet online. Thereafter, activities will resume at The American Theatre (125 East Mellen Street).


Become a Charter Member of the Society now! Registration is open until the first Monday of the month.




First Monday – Online Registration Due (Active Net, $20 Monthly Fee)


Second Monday – Libraries to hold book reservations through this date (optional)


Third Monday – Reading Discussion (6:00PM-8:30PM)


Fourth Monday – Movie Viewing and Discussion (6:00PM-8:30PM) (next month’s book is chosen)

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All proceeds benefit Hampton Arts