The goal of The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center is to offer our community an exciting and diverse schedule of visual art exhibitions focused primarily on the creations of artists living and working in Hampton Roads and the state of Virginia. In doing so, we promote contemporary art makers and provide an opportunity for our visitors to interact with the art and artists of our own time. The emphasis is on group exhibitions which offer a broad range of artists, media, styles, content and perspectives on our world.

The Arts Center presents eight changing exhibitions each year, each on display about six weeks. Most of these feature the artwork of artists living and working here in the seven city Hampton Roads region. At the beginning of the year, The Hampton Arts League Open Members Exhibition affords each of its members the opportunity to exhibit one of their artworks. In the spring we present the Artists Who Teach Juried Exhibition, displaying the artwork by artists who also teach art on the Virginia Peninsula. In late summer we host the Virginia Artist Juried Exhibition, a competition offering over $7,000 in cash awards and featuring artwork in all media by some of the best artists and craftsmen from across Virginia. In the fall, the Peninsula Glass Guild Juried Exhibition displays the many facets of glass by some of the finest glass artists across the state. The remaining exhibitions are invitational group exhibitions focusing on diverse themes, media and content which are curated by The Charles H. Taylor Arts Center.

March 17 - April 29, 2018

Artists Who Teach Juried Exhibition 2018 

AWT 2018 Hakanson, Chris Yuwipi Man.jpgArtists currently teaching art in the four peninsula colleges and universities, as well as its public, private, and parochial schools are traditionally featured in this annual competition. The art departments from our six south-side colleges, universities, and art institutes: The Art Institute of Virginia Beach, Norfolk State University, Old Dominion University, Regent University, Virginia Wesleyan College, and The Visual Arts Center of TCC have also been invited to participate.

Cash awards totaling $850, including $500 First Place, $250 Second Place, and $100 Third Place, five Awards of Merit and five Honorable Mentions will be selected by juror, Diana Blanchard Gross.  Blanchard Gross is an Independent Curator and Exhibition Consultant as well as Curator for the Virginia Sports Hall of Fame & Museum and the Peninsula Fine Arts Center.  She received her Bachelor of Art in History from OD U and her Master of Art in Art History and Museum Studies from VCU. 

March 17 - April 29, 2018

Barbara Spaulding Stephenson: Wrapped, Stacked and  Rooted

Stephenson, Barbara 2018  Hanging in the Balance.jpgBest in Show Winner in AWT 2017, Stephenson is featured in this one person show of drawings in a variety of media which she describes as “Visual metaphors that allow me to share very personal events, creating a portrait of myself. I have created drawings that are a glimpse of what are the important joys, heartaches, experiences, struggles and dreams that have shaped my life.”

Upcoming Exhibitions

May 5 - June 17, 2018

The Lives of Artists

This series of four exhibitions highlights the artwork of four diverse artists, who have each spent several decades in their own personal journeys as artists.

Tim O'Kane: Retrospective Five Decades / A Devotion to Realism

O'Kane, Tim The Hours 1- The Studio.jpgDrawing came naturally to Tim O’Kane at an early age. It gave him his deepest connection to the world, an expression between the outer and inner life, heightened visual awareness and the patience to become a serious observer. Drawing was his artistic foundation, providing the skill need for his life-long project of making representational art.

“Everything begins with drawing. It’s the core of the thought process for me. It’s how the idea forms and develops. All compositions for my paintings are worked out explicitly on paper. One of the great fortunes of working for five decades as a representational artist is that, as I look back over my paintings and drawings. I’m afforded a rarified record of where I’ve been, how I’ve lived, who I’ve known, what I tried to do and where I’ve succeeded- at times beyond my own expectations.”

Akiko Tanaka: EVOLUTIONS Clay Sculpture 

Akiko Tanaka, Winter Flower.pngAkiko Tanaka is an award winning ceramic artist who divides her time between Tokyo, Japan and Hampton, Virginia. Akiko’s work is a combination of traditional Japanese hand-building and modern influences. She was influenced by such artists as Lee Bontecou, but it was the experience of the art by Peter Voulkos which dispatched her on a life-long quest to break with tradition.

THIS IS CALLED HAPPINESS: Painting by Kacey Sydnor Carneal

Carneal, Kacey Sydnor Old Men Plant Trees.jpgKacey is largely self-taught and paints colorful and patterned filled works, often with a significant message or depicting personal episodes from her life. She has painted 7 days a week, 8 hours a day for the past 32 years.

MY SKETCHY LIFE: Works by Walt Taylor

Taylor, Walt Lovely Self-Portrait.jpgAfter a long career in advertising and graphic design, the artist can now focus on his lifelong interest in drawing what he feels compelled to draw, which now gravitates to people. He is a master of many media, but especially with pencil, pen, brush stylus or ipad. A tribute to his versatility is that his work in different mediums will appear in at least three different exhibitions at CHTAC this year.

“I draw what I feel compelled to draw. I respond to art viscerally. It has always given me great pleasure to assemble a variety of line-y marks into recognizable images.” - Walt Taylor

June 23 - August 12, 2018

Graphic Design in Coastal Virginia

Graphic Design 2018 Mickley,Wade On the Beach.jpgGraphic design or communication design; is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual elements and / or text. The form of the communication can be physical or digital, and may include images, words, or graphic forms.

Graphic designers create and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. A few of the many categories of graphic design include advertising, cartooning, illustration, logos, package design, print design, signage, typography, video design and web design. Graphic designers in this exhibition include professionals and faculty members who teach graphic design in our Tidewater colleges and universities.