The goal of The Charles Taylor Visual Arts Center is to offer our community an exciting and diverse schedule of visual art exhibitions focused primarily on the creations of artists living and working in Hampton Roads and the state of Virginia. In doing so, we promote contemporary art makers and provide an opportunity for our visitors to interact with the art and artists of our own time. The emphasis is on group exhibitions which offer a broad range of artists, media, styles, content and perspectives on our world.

The Arts Center presents eight changing exhibitions each year, each on display about six weeks. Most of these feature the artwork of artists living and working here in the seven-city Hampton Roads region. At the beginning of the year, The Hampton Arts League Open Members Exhibition affords each of its members the opportunity to exhibit one of their artworks. In the spring we present the Artists Who Teach Juried Exhibition, displaying the artwork by artists who also teach art on the Virginia Peninsula. In late summer we host the Virginia Artists Juried Exhibition, a competition offering over $7,000 in cash awards and featuring artwork in all media by some of the best artists and craftsmen from across Virginia. In the fall, the Virginia Glass Guild Juried Exhibition displays the many facets of glass by some of the finest glass artists across the state. The remaining exhibitions are invitational group exhibitions focusing on diverse themes, media and content which are curated by The Charles Taylor Visual Arts Center.

December 8, 2018 - January 20, 2019

Miniatures and Small Works by Tidewater Artists

Small Works 2018  Susan Burgoyne - Beetle.jpgOver 250 artists living in Hampton Roads were invited to create miniature or small artworks in any media. Miniature two-dimensional works were required to be no larger than 20 square inches; 4 by 5 inches for example. Small two-dimensional works were required to be no larger than 80 square inches. The resulting two-dimensional and three-dimensional works comprise a total of more than 350 artworks. Media represented include drawing, painting, watercolor, pastel, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and crafts. As would be expected there is a wide range of styles, techniques, content, imagery and intent. This year artworks may be removed at the time of purchase. 

Carolyn Thompson Dudley will serve as the judge, select, and present $900 in cash awards. Ms. Dudley received her BFA with Honors from VCU and MS in Psychotherapy from EVMS. In her juror’s statement she says “ When considering other’s artwork, I am drawn to those pieces that impress me on a spiritual level first, If I then ask myself, How did they do this, then I know I have found a masterful work.”

Upcoming Exhibitions

January 27 - March 10, 2019

Hampton Arts League Open Members Exhibition 2019

Abbott, Carlton S. Research and Development a.jpgThis annual exhibition features artwork by many of the 300+ Hampton Arts League Members in all media, including drawing, painting, printmaking, photography, crafts, sculpture, and watercolor. Artworks in a wide range of styles, content, and sensibilities will be included. As an open exhibition, it will include established artists as well as young or emerging artists. Cash awards totaling $850, including $500 First Place, $500 Beverly Levinson Award, $250 Second Place, and $100 Third Place, five Awards of Merit and five Honorable Mentions will be selected by judge, Richard Ward.  Ward received his BFA and Art Education Certificate from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1982 and his MFA degree from Howard University in 1997.

Of his judging criteria Ward states, “I understand that creative processes are always as diverse as the artists who implement them and their expressions are also endless.  I appreciate the skill and craftsmanship required to develop an idea into the beautiful work that it will become.  I respect the artist’s right to express him or herself as he or she may please.  And most of all, I love the innovative approaches of the creative soul.  As I ponder these attributes and the world in which we live, the beauty and fascination of art leaves me inspired; and I am humbled.  I therefore pledge to assess each work with respect, sensitivity and due diligence."

March 16 - April 28, 2019 

Artists Who Teach Juried Exhibition 2019

AWT 2019 Heather Marconi - Wren's Palette.jpgArtists currently teaching art in the four peninsula colleges and universities, Christopher Newport University, College of William and Mary, Hampton University and Thomas Nelson Community College as well as its public, private, and parochial schools are traditionally featured in this annual competition. From the south side, the art departments from The Art Institute of Virginia Beach, Norfolk State University, Old Dominion University, Regent University, Virginia Wesleyan College, and The Visual Arts Center of TCC have also been invited to participate.

Cash awards totaling $850, including $500 First Place, $250 Second Place, and $100 Third Place, five Awards of Merit and five Honorable Mentions will be selected by juror, Janice Gay Maker. 

Born and educated in Boston, Janice received her BFA from the Massachusetts College of Art in 1982. She has painted full-time and maintained a studio at the d’Art Center in Norfolk since 1991. Of her judging criteria she says, “Artists find creative inspiration and insight to their work in many different ways that are unique and equally unique. In choosing from various voices, I begin with my first impression of the entries where a physical pull comes from, where does my eye want to land. I then examine craftsmanship, elements of the art and how each artist handled the materials as well as my interest level. In choosing the strongest works, I will seek out those that demonstrate an ease, confidence, movement, composition, artistic content or narrative in these elements combined.”


Dianne Hottenstein - Obsessions An Obsession No. 4 10 x 4 x 5.jpgBest in Show Winner in AWT 2018, Hottenstein is featured in this one person show. Hottenstein’s ceramic works representing her response to life situations, tragedy, culture, technology or beliefs, are knowingly created to provoke a human response. Consisting of skillfully executed ceramic forms and sculptural clay components, the work goes beyond the normal clay vessel to explore these life situations.

May 4 - June 16, 2019 

That’s Funny: Art with a Sense of Humor

That's Funny Carol Bartram -  Martin Van Buren and Lucy.jpgArt doesn’t always have to be serious. It can also be funny, droll, comical, playful, silly, whimsical, farcical, witty, satirical or humorous. This group exhibition will present about 120 artworks in all media by the Gallery Manager’s invited artists whose works display a sense of humor. The Curator may also consider artworks from other interested artists. Works will include a wide range of media in both two, three or four dimensions including traditional art forms as well as cartoons, comic strips or books and videos.

Some of the artists invited to participate include: Anne Bousquet, Kacey Sydnor Carneal, Fred Freeman, Karen Freidt, Lesley Hildreth, Larry Hollowell, David Johnson, Wade Mickley, Walt Taylor, John Tobin, Fran Ward and Hal Weaver.

June 22 - August 11, 2019 

The Meaning of Life

The Meaning of Life John Tobin - The Painting.jpgOur exhibition schedule runs the gamut this year, going from Art with a Sense of Humor to The Meaning of Life! Since the dawn of time, the most profound question has been about the meaning or purpose of life. This invitational group exhibition provides some personal answers to this universal philosophical question though the eyes and minds of about 150 artists working in a wide range of two and three dimensional media, styles and especially ideas and emotions.

Some examples of possible themes might be service, happiness, love, learning, relationships, family, purpose and many more. A few of the artists participating include: Anne Bousquet, Diane Cory, Donna Iona Drozda, Ivanka Mincheva, and Melissa Schappell. The Gallery Manager will select artists to be invited, but other artists may submit an artwork for consideration.